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Vibrant Living Center appointmentsAll our services are designed to help your body thrive. Unlike traditional western medicine which focuses on fixing a specific health problem, the modalities offered at the Vibrant Living Center are created to improve cellular functioning so your body can heal itself. Supporting cellular energy creation by adding oxygen in various ways enables the wisdom of the body to selectively attend to  multiple areas within that may want adjustment to function optimally.

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Ozone Sauna

Vibrant Living Ozone TherapyRegain and maintain your health while you bask in the soothing warmth of a personal steam sauna augmented with medicinal grade ozone. Relieve stress and detoxify your body while the ozone gently oxygenates your tissues, modulates your immune system, reduces inflammation and slows aging by promoting optimal cellular energy production. Enough calories are burned during a 30 minute ozone sauna (300-500 depending on temperature range selected) for it to be nicknamed exercise in a box.

Skin is the largest organ in the body. It has been called “the third kidney” because it can excrete toxins like heavy metals with the sweat it produces to regulate body temperature. It is not unusual to see colored deposits on the towels where sweat has accumulated during an ozone sauna. Chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis typically improve with ozone, especially when ozone ointment is applied daily between ozone saunas. Healthy skin softens and appears more vibrant.

Fatigue, stiffness and discomfort are often related to persistent inflammation within the body. Ozone, heat and muscle tension reduction from the sauna usually improves these symptoms with improved sleep quality also described as well.

To prepare for your sauna, avoid alcohol and recreational remedies for at least 24 hours and caffeine for 1 hour prior to your appointment. Consume a small meal (e.g. fruit, yogurt, toast) 1-2 hours prior along with 1-2 big glasses of fresh water. Showering or bathing within 8 hours prior to your appointment is recommended.

After your ozone sauna, expect to feel very clean, relaxed and rejuvenated. Continued relaxation for 1-2 hours afterwards will help integrate the benefits gained from the sauna. Avoid bathing or showering until the scent of ozone has left your skin (2-3 hours) to optimize the magic ozone brings to your body.

Exercise With Oxygen

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Vibrational Therapy

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Ozone Therapy

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I never felt so great after years of abusing my body on the construction jobsite as I have with Wendy’s help with my dietary and lifestyle changes.  The exercise with oxygen has brought my energy back to levels from my 20’s.  I can’t wait till my next appointment!

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